Welcome to Inclusion Matters

It's easy to take our mental health for granted - and if we think about it at all, we probably think that we're not likely to experience any problems with our mental wellbeing. These problems only happen to other people - don't they?

Of course we all feel low or worry about stressful things in our lives and these feelings will usually take care of themselves and fade away on their own - won't they?

Unfortunately, that's not always true, and it's a fact that 1 in 4 of us will experience a problem with our mental wellbeing at some stage in our life.

A talking therapies service for people in Liverpool

Inclusion Matters Liverpool is a free NHS Service providing a range of proven talking therapies for common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. We offer information, guidance and talking therapies from GP practices and other locations across Liverpool.

If you feel that your current level of mental wellbeing is affecting your quality of life and you think that talking therapies could be the right thing for you, please talk to your GP about a referral to our service.

Self-help booklets & other resources

Learning more about your own mental health can help you to better understand your current situation and to recognise some small changes you could decide to make to help alleviate your symptoms. See our self-help materials, video resources and links to other websites here.

Patient stories and feedback

Here are the latest stories published via Patient Opinion about our service. If you'd like to share your experience of using our service please see tell your story.

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