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Wellbeing at Work in Liverpool

Are you feeling good and functioning well in Liverpool?

There are many definitions of wellbeing to choose from – but ‘feeling good and functioning well’ seems to fit the bill rather well and can provide us with a starting point to learn more about our own level of wellbeing – and to take some steps to protect it or improve it.

Why not browse through our website to give you some ideas and practical activities to try?

Gaining Control

Difficulties and feelings of distress affect many people at some point in their lives and they are more common than you may be thinking.

There is hope, and there are things you can do to gain back a sense of control and to feel more like your old self again.

By visiting our website today, you may already have taken the first step to helping yourself or someone close to you, so please read on to find our more information on the help available to you.

Need more help?

We all feel down sometimes, but if you find you’re having these feelings on most days and they last longer than two weeks, please talk to your GP.